Drone groups reach out to Trump

President-elect Donald Trump and his incoming administration can play a vital role in furthering the commercial deployment of unmanned aircraft systems, according to two industry-related organizations who recently reached out to his team. #quadcopters #drones

Drone study proves blood transport possible

John Hopkins University researchers have proven that blood transported via drone is not impacted by flight and can be used for medical reasons if necessary. #quadcopters #drones

Watch a film shot entirely on a DJI drone

Think you can shoot a film entirely with a drone? That means not just an entire film of epic aerial shots. It means close-ups of the actors and indoor scenes too. DJI proved they could do it, using nothing but the recently launched, $2,999 Inspire 2 drone. DJI released “The Circle,” a 14-minute short film starring Ryan … Continue reading Watch a film shot entirely on a DJI drone

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UAV173 Counter-UAS Technology
December 2, 2016

UAV173 Counter-UAS Technology

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Aerial Information Systems describes counter-UAS technology, the Karma drone recall exposes a larger issue, and some areas to watch in the UAS space in 2017. Interview Tim Trott from Southern Helicam interviews Larry Friese, Jr., president of Aerial Information Systems Corporation (AIS) at the inaugural Emerald Coast Unmanned Systems Business Expo in Pensacola, November 19, […] #quadcopters #drones

Drones, DAPL Protests And The FAA

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Which is more important, large UAVs or small UAVs?

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European drone report calls for immediate action, investment

A new report issued by a European Union aerospace entity states drones represent a genuine opportunity which requires immediate EU actions including roughly $200 million in the next five years. #quadcopters #drones

News media drone flights during pipeline protests approved by FAA

The FAA said news organizations that want to use drones to cover the ongoing Dakota Access Pipeline protests in North Dakota can do so as long as they get permission and follow the agency’s UAS regulations. #quadcopters #drones

FAA video reminds new drone pilots how to fly safely

An increase in the number of drone sales to new pilots during the holiday season has prompted the FAA to release a new video reminding them to register their aircraft and follow the rules of safe flying. #quadcopters #drones

Award-winning sense-and-avoid tech maker joins BVLOS project

Aerotenna, a developer of radar sensing and SoC flight control technologies for UAVs, and Windhover Labs, a developer of low-cost drone software, have collaborated on an autonomous flight solution for BVLOS operations. #quadcopters #drones