The best drone films of 2017, according to FRiFF
The best drone films of 2017, according to FRiFF

The Flying Robot international Drone Film Festival — also known as FRiFF — came to San Francisco this week for its third year in a row, and the winning films just keep getting better.

The film festival played at the Roxie Theater in the city’s Mission District, showing 25 films across eight categories.

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This year’s videos are seriously brilliant. With the best in show winner, 2D run, I can’t tell which is more impressive — the drone filming or the athletes featured.

And the competition was fierce. Drone Cake baking was absolutely adorable — and clever — but came in as the runner up to 2D run in the WTFLOL category.

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Here’s the winners list, as well as a link to watch the winning film in each category.

Best in Show + Audience Choice
+ 2D RUN – Mixed Motion Project, Ilko Iliev [Bulgaria]

Epic Landscape
+ Best Of: Ottsjö by Air and Timelapse, Marcus Möller [Sweden]
+ Runner Up: Bulgaria: East to West, Brian Leitten [USA]

Cinematic Narrative
+ Best Of: Last Chance, Bapu Madhu [USA]
+ Runner Up: Home: The Philippines From a New Perspective, Christer Isulat [Panama]

Drones For Good
+ Best Of: The Zanzibar Mapping Initiative, Chris Morgan [Tanzania]
+ Runner Up: Buffalo Bayou Rising, Martin Lisius [USA]

FPV Racing & Freestyle
+ Best Of: Flight of the Year, Paul Nurkkala [USA]
+ Runner Up: Cross-Training, Jacob Yubeta [USA]


Student Film
+ Best Of: Mendocino Abalone Trip, Kyle Stangrover [USA]
+ Runner Up: Drones: Take Flight, Seth Dacio [USA]

+ Best Of: Our Story, Kostas Petsas [Greece]
+ Runner Up: Drobots Company STEM Programs, Robert Elwood [USA]

+ Best Of: 2D RUN – Mixed Motion Project, Ilko Iliev [Bulgaria]
+ Runner Up: Drone Cake Baking, Lucas Zanotto [Norway]

Want to see even more amazing drone films? Here are the winners from the 2016 FRiFF drone film festival.

And want to enter into a drone video contest for yourself? If you can’t wait for next year’s FRiFF drone film festival, the AirVuz drone video contest is currently accepting submissions.

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